What is a Healthy Nail Salon?

The Healthy Nail Salon Program (HNSRP) recognizes nail salons that have prioritized worker health and adopted best workplace practices. A certified Healthy Nail Salon has adopted the following practices:

1.    Uses nail polishes without the toxic-trio: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde
2.    Uses safer nail polish removers without ethyl or butyl acetate
3.    Avoids using nail polish thinners, but if necessary, uses those without toluene and methyl ethyl ketone
4.    Ensures that all nail salon staff wear nitrile gloves when using nail products
5.    Ventilates the salon. Designates a specific area for artificial nail services
6.    Installs a mechanical ventilation unit within one year of entering the program
7.    Trains all nail salon staff (payroll & on contract) on best health and safety practices
8.    Commits to adopting safer nail products
9.    Does not allow customers to bring in products unless the products meet program criteria

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With the implementation of the Healthy Nail Salon Act (AB 2125 – Chiu) in 2016, more counties and cities will establish Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Programs. You can contribute to this effort  by letting your local representative know the importance of establishing these programs in your city or county.