Policy Advocacy

We implement policy strategies to attain protections for salon workers at the local and state level in the following ways:

  1. Advocate for policies and programs in cities and counties throughout California that reward or “recognize” nail salons that adopt healthier and less toxic products and practices
  2. Educate state and federal lawmakers and agencies on policy issues that impact nail salon workforce members such as hazardous chemicals in nail salon products and the need for enhanced workers’ rights education among the salon community
  3. Encourage the development of safer consumer, including nail salon, products and robust right-to- know for salon professionals by advocating for legislative and regulatory change and encouraging manufacturer initiatives
  4. Advocate for policy changes that support better education on and compliance with wage and hour and other labor laws in the salon industry
  5. Collaborate with other non-governmental organizations and state and federal agencies on projects that advance the health and well-being of the nail salon workforce
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To learn more about our policy change activities, please contact Catherine Porter, Policy Director, at catherineaporter@gmail.com.