Power to Workers

We know that the majority of California’s manicurists and cosmetologists are of reproductive age and that up to 80% are Vietnamese immigrants. Every day, these workers are exposed to chemicals known to cause cancer, respiratory problems and reproductive harm due to a legal gap in federal legislation. It is currently legal for cosmetics manufacturers to use virtually unlimited amounts of chemicals in beauty products, including those linked to cancer, reproductive and developmental harm, and hormone disruption, with no premarket safety assessment. Of the more than 10,000 chemicals used in beauty products, 89% have not been tested independently for their safety or impact on human health. At the same time, there lacks an awareness among workforce members about labor standards and worker rights, which can result in violations of labor standards.

We organize within the nail salon community to build the leadership and voice of workforce members to ensure their right to a healthy, safe and just workplace and their right to bear and raise healthy children within a healthy environment. Our “Power to the workers” strategy focuses on Outreach & Leadership Development.