Outreach & Leadership Development

The Collaborative is committed to ensuring that the voices and experiences of nail salon community members, are centered in shaping key policies and actions that will to lead healthy, safe and economically secure lives. We continue to organize nail salon workers and owners to build their leadership and voices to ensure their right to a healthy, safe and just workplace.  Members go through leadership development trainings to build the skills they need to build power and advocate for the needs of their community. We also bringing together nail salon community members, community based organizations, and agency partners to implement cross-sector strategies and activities including:

  • Base building and community outreach
  • Leadership development through intensive leadership skills building trainings
  • Media campaigns
  • Community forums
  • Salon worker and owner regional meetings
  • Voter engagement
Outreach and Leadership Development.png

Voter Engagement


In 2016, we made sure that eligible voters within the nail salon community exercised their right to vote. Utilizing an on-the-ground approach, we called 4,300 households, knocked on 1,200 doors, and visited 170 nail salons. Our nail salon worker members, Collaborative partners and student volunteers spoke to over 1,100 registered Vietnamese voters and reminded them to vote. As a result, we collected hundreds of surveys and pledge cards that resulted in the recruitment of 500 additional supporters to our movement.

To learn more about our 2017 voter engagement activities, please contact Mike Lok at mlok@ahschc.org.

If you would like more information about our outreach and leadership development activities, please contact Lisa Fu, Outreach and Program Director, at lfu@cahealthynailsalons.org.