National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance 

To broaden partnerships with other organizations across the country with similar or overlapping missions, we co-founded the National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance

With over 30 member organizations representing thousands of constituents across the country, the Alliance works to increase the health, safety, and rights of salon workers by reducing toxic chemical exposure and by engaging in strategic movement building, policy advocacy, and media efforts nationwide. Members of the Alliance enjoy the following benefits:

  • Collaboration, information-sharing and networking with others in the field
  • The work of professional staff in organizing Alliance activities
  • Participation in national membership information calls, webinars and trainings
  • Access to others in the field through a listserve
  • Access to the Alliance’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for scientific guidance on technical questions
  • An effective way to participate in national policy advocacy, regulatory reform and media work

To join the Alliance, please complete the membership form and email it to

Alliance Membership Form